Assessing and Developing Executive Performance


Executive Development

Assessment and Feedback

A Development Assessment gives a broad picture of individual strengths and factors of success, as well as development areas and risk factors. It explores the finer nuances of the personality and the dynamics behind behavioral outcome as well as different aspects of leadership competence. Selection Assessments offer a base-line for organizational selection and for finding the best fit for more complex and executive positions. Cohr Group provides a report after assessments where findings are thoroughly analyzed and linked to individual development and critical business strategic factors and also offers a personalized development-oriented feedback to the participant.

Strategic Depth Coaching

Cohr Group combines psychological competence and business knowledge to address challenging issues encountered by executive leaders and managers. We offer highly individual executive development and coaching processes and optimize objectives, methods and other features before commencing.

Processes are very effective because they are deep but still business oriented, combining unique tools to produce fast and lasting results. Individual needs can be addressed by skills coaching, focusing on how to perform in certain business and leadership situations or depth coaching focusing on how to become truly successful using emotional mapping and other tools to stimulate self knowledge and authentic leadership while exercising personal values.

Furthermore, success coaching can help executives deal with success through executive lifestyle design. Cohr Group also offers processes characterized by high accessibility that are connected to important business issues concerning operations and strategy for leaders on a high executive level.


Client Industry: Power Utilities and Trading
Challenge: Developing key relational and leadership skills during a highly volatile change process
Solution: Depth Coaching Program
Result: Long-lasting behavioral change and improved leadership performance and target fulfillment on division level

Based on insights gained from previous executive assessment activities with the same participants we analyzed past and current performance patterns in order to pinpoint key behavioral friction, delays and other disturbances in leadership and project management functions. Emotional triggers and behavioral biases were identified and categorized by means of interviews and additional non-rational psychological tests. Initial knowledge transfer through condensed workshops was then followed by tailor made group exercises. The process was then subsequently continued with 6-8 individual one-on-one sessions depending on each individual target performance. The process spanned over 6 months with on-site visits, video sessions as well as individual tailor made exercises and was concluded with two follow up sessions to secure result fulfillment and sustainability after 3 and 6 months.

Client Industry:
 Transport and Logistics
Challenge: Sustaining leadership excellence and reinforcing desired behaviours for successful strategy execution
Solution: Top Executive Assessment and Development Program
Result: Long-lasting behavioral change and improved leadership performance and target fulfillment on country level

As a strategic partner, we created a tailor made leadership development program with embedded activities and supporting processes to streamline our client’s in-house leadership capabilities and behaviors in line with the strategic goals of the company. As part of the assessment process recommendations and development-oriented feedback was provided to all project owners and stakeholders as well as participants. The individualized feedback to participants’ aimed at boosting self-awareness to reinforce the top executives’ ability to capitalize on personal strengths and development areas linked to strategic success factors of the organization. Three-Party-Talks and an accompanied Coaching Program were applied to individuals with a need for further development reinforcement.