Assessing and Developing Executive Performance


Performance Management

Cohr Group help clients link human capital and management priorities, creating a deeper understanding of strategy execution and target fulfillment. Aligning leadership capabilities, mind-sets and efforts with business strategies, Cohr Group enables the use of objective and goal-directed triggers for any performance management initiative.

KPIs as a tool for strategic impact

Using KPIs means transforming data into simple and meaningful insights when driving business decisions and performance across organizations. KPIs give an objective understanding of current performance compared to the strategic goals and objectives for growth.

Cohr Group’s unique approach to KPIs enables company leaders to effectively measure, monitor, and manage performance progress across units, teams, and individuals. In addition to helping designing, analysing, reporting and using performance data, Cohr Group can support strategic alignment through piloting and implementation stages.


Client Industry: Transport and Logistics
Challenge: Measuring, managing, and monitoring HR performance in purpose of saving time and reducing costs.
Solution: HR KPIs – PreStudy
Result: A clear KPI framework including concept development, embedded activities and recommendations for piloting and global implementation phases. Improved performance feedback structure enabling Group HR to communicate the value of their contributions.

A pre-study, comprising both quantitative and qualitative measures, was carried out to better understand the HR function’s current ways of working with KPIs. Based on the results of the study we developed a KPI framework accompanied with clear recommendations how to approach and roll out a pilot project and upcoming implementation phases. By pinpointing potential threats and opportunities with implementing common group level KPIs in a decentralized organization, we helped the client to avoid unnecessary risks while still being capable of capitalizing on existing prospects; measuring, managing, and monitoring performance in accordance with the strategic roadmap.