Assessing and Developing Executive Performance


Team and Board Development

Cohr Group develops management teams by tailor-made program according to current state and starting point. By developing and reinforcing psychological prerequisites for increased openness, trust and structure, we contribute to business value in the form of increased efficiency, motivation, alignment, as well as more focus on strategic issues without losing grip on operations.

Through a systematic and proven method we incorporate interpersonal factors and business processes in how to optimize the team´s performance. Newly founded teams, teams in crisis or teams in need of recharging are all states that has to be understood and developed in a context as well on the basis of separate individuals personalities.

Cohr has developed a method based on three modules. The first module in the team development program involves building trust and confidence among the team members as well as enhancing the overall knowledge about their psychological interactions. The aim is to create and facilitate a climate that is open for transparent discussion and reflection and to form and accelerate the team to the next development level and closer towards a state of maximized effectiveness and productivity. The team and its members are provided with seminars, a pre-online survey, interviews and hands-on experience of different situations connected to the overall theme through a variety of practical training exercises.

The second module focuses on how to structure the team´s work and organize it to release the team´s potential. This way the team can reach a more mature level of functioning and be more aligned towards the common goal and vision. The third module includes themes like decision-making, cooperation under pressure, strategic optimization, unified values, loyalty etc. This last module is also designed depending on the outcome of the previous two modules.

We use applied psychological methods in relation to the team´s business state as such and our aim is to rise above department-specific goals and cross-border issues and sees to what is best for the whole team and company. This requires a work-atmosphere characterized by trust, dedication, alignment, wholeness and focus. Business strategy can thereby turn into operational execution both towards the market, clients and the organization!