/ The Cohr Way

Our Core Beliefs


We truly embody the saying personality kills analytics. With that said, we have three different core values, which we know are key indicators for success and something we want in all our team members. Those are proactivity, high energy, and team spirit. 

We are a flat organization, where we believe all of our employees should have the responsibility and capacity to take initiative and have a real impact on our business to make sure we are continuously growing. As such, we are energized by and dedicated to, work hard in the pursuit of excellence. We are highly team-oriented in our way of working, where we focus on creating a dynamic and energetic culture. This allows us to learn from each other and continuously improve our results and expand our organization. Coming from a psychological approach to business performance and strategy, we know and understand the value of having a great work-life balance with time for career, family, and personal interests while still maintaining a competitive edge and hunger to improve yourself and our aspiring team. We don’t pretend that our workload is not high, but our culture and believes are rooted in the term’s flexibility and efficiency. This means that we focus on what is important by minimizing processes and freeing up time to what is crucial for our clients and ourselves.

How we express our gratitude

The client comes first, and as we expect excellence from ourselves, we know how to reward team success. Having a company villa in Italy, we appreciate times we can take trips there for company retreats. We like this as much as we enjoy the simple activities of having a corporate breakfast or taking an after-work in or outside of the office. We believe in creating an exciting and vibrant environment where you can grow sustainably, having a place of employment that you feel proud to be a part of and where you can see your own long-term success.

/ Cohr as a Career

Do you have the courage to take the leap?

We are continuously looking for new talents to join our team! No matter where you are in your career, please feel free to send us a message (recruitment@cohrgroup.comor pop by the office for a coffee. We look forward to meeting you!

/ Soon to be or newly graduated