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Develop your competitive advantage through human potential and engagement in transformational times

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Cohr Group is a niched global boutique specializing in strategic human capital services. Our knowledge-based approach strengthens business performance, enhances strategic alignment, and sharpens value-added focus and efficiency within organizations in transformational times.

We offer a unique combination of neurobiological expertise and business tools on individual, team, and organizational levels in order to optimize our clients’ organizational output. Our mission is to lead the development within integrated human capital services through knowledge, experience, and innovation in times of digitalization.

Cohr Group uses sophisticated and tailor made processes to support our clients’ processes in business transformation

How we do it

Human Capital Transformation

Integrating neurobiology in transformation to fully utilize the human brain in times of change

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Human Capital Development

Developing human capital by addressing all aspects of individual business performance

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Human Capital Acquisition

Selecting & developing the right talent, matched to strategic and operational goals

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Human Capital Due Diligence

Incorporating human capital in M&A processes for optimal decision making

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 Since 2002 we help clients throughout Europe, US and Asia to capitalize on human potential while accommodating successful strategy implementation, individual development and organizational change

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Psychological Safety - Why does it matter?

A dive into one of the fundamentals for a healthy organization

Psychological Safety - Why does it matter?

A dive into one of the fundamentals for a healthy organization

Knowledge Leadership

Read up on our shared insights deducted from eighteen years of experience

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Global Hub

The Cohr hub for workshops, forums and gatherings

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